5 Qualities that make a Great Real Estate Photo


  1.  The Space is Prepared
    • Prior to Photo Shoot
      • Declutter
      • Depersonalize
      • Arrange
      • Clean Surfaces
      • Stage
    • During Shoot, Details are Fine Tuned:
      • toilet seats down
      • towels/bedding straightened
      • lights on
      • fans off
      • TV and other screens off
      • window treaments straightened
      • yard clean, manicured, decluttered
      • vehicles out of view
      • light source colors evened out
      • reflections reduced
      • items arranged/removed
  2. The Photo Shows Informative and Pleasing Space
    • A Wide Angle Lens Shows More Space
    • Features are Shown
    • Proper Items are In/Out of Photo
  3. Light and Bright
    • Off Camera Flashes Light All Spaces in the Photograph
    • Show Positive Views out Window
    • The Sun’s Position is Considered in Shoot Plan
  4. Edited to Imitate Life
    • Distortion is Removed (this occurs with use of a wide angle lens)
    • Verticals are Straightened
    • Color is Correct
    • Shadows Reduced
    • Reflections Reduced
  5. Influence Contact.  
    • The Viewer Wants to See More
    • Contact is initiated with Agent
    • More Showings!
    • More Contacts for Agent!