Visual Impressions Matter

Once a listing fits a potential buyer’s criteria, a large portion of the impression marketing can make is through its visual presence.  In Why Digital Marketing is a Must in Real Estate by Mark Mathis, the NAR found that “92 percent of those thinking of buying a home use the internet for their first glances”.  Even further, “76 percent of people who see listing photos online drive by or view the home”.  The photographs presented can make a powerful impression and create action.

Not only do quality photographs assist in selling the home at hand, it also creates a quality impression of an agent’s marketing plan.  In a study by NAR referenced by Mathis, “Only 22 percent of home sellers work with an agent they worked with previously”.  Potential sellers that keep an eye on the market do take notice of the methods being utilized by agents.  They will want the agent that shows homes with great pictures!