Why Professional Property Photography?

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Two reasons:
1. The Property will sell for more.
2. Agents will get more listings.

Most of the time reason #1 is the only reason most think of. Yes, agents want their listing to sell. More showings, more money is good for seller and for the agent.
But lets think about the endgame here… Agents want more listings. People see their listing and say – “Hey, that looks good. I want my house to look that great when I sell it!”
Bob and Sue down the street just sold their house with great online traffic and many showings. In the end, the sale was for more that estimated and who was their agent? The one with great marketing that used professional photography.
Both scenarios point to using the agent that has outstanding listing photos. They paid attention to reason #1, but in turn, reason #2 comes into play.

Which agent don’t you want? I think you already know. You saw those awful pictures when the house came on the market. Nope, not gonna hire that one.
The one Billy and Jane just were talking poorly about. Nope.
You always can find the ones you don’t want, but agents need to realize future sellers look around at current listings and ask around as well.

What does property photography do?
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